As the Volunteer Referral Center, now in our 28th year, we are proud of the impact our organization has had on hundreds of our fellow non-profit organizations over the years.  The Volunteer Referral Center remains dedicated to connecting volunteers with agencies that benefit from the range of skills and experience these volunteers can offer.   For a quarter-century, VRC has matched thousands of dedicated, talented New Yorkers with opportunities to volunteer at non-profits where their services help strengthen communities, families and individuals throughout our City.

The generosity of supporters strengthens the work of the VRC in powerful ways:

Leveraging the volunteer support that helps keep VRC’s operating expenses low: Thanks to volunteer administrators who conduct in-depth interviews to effectively match volunteer interests with agency needs, VRC offers  our valued services on a minimal expense budget.

Facilitating the wishes of New Yorkers who seek to contribute their time and talent to causes that are important to them. 
VRC has learned that one of the main impediments facing potential volunteers is not knowing how or where to start.  We work with individuals to assess their skills and interests and to find a suitable match.  And by centralizing this process, VRC makes it easier for non-profits to find volunteers and to channel volunteer talent to where it is most needed.

Advancing the work of New York City non-profits: In a climate of economic uncertainty, the City’s charitable organizations continue to work ceaselessly to carry out their missions – to help the young, the elderly, the poor, and the sick; to combat homelessness, hunger, and disease; to promote literacy, arts and culture; and to address a host of other human and environmental needs.  By tapping into the City’s pool of committed volunteers, VRC offers a meaningful and effective way to help these organizations sustain their missions.

In a time of challenge and tremendous need, the services of the Volunteer Referral Center are more vital than ever.  In 2016 VRC made more than 2,700 referrals to 275 partner agencies.  With each volunteer contributing a conservatively estimated three hours a week, at a value estimated by Independent Sector at $28.73 per hour in New York City, we calculate the total value of our volunteers’ services to non-profit agencies at $4,481,880 this year.