Now in our 33rd year,VRC has matched thousands of dedicated, talented New Yorkers with opportunities to volunteer at nonprofits where their services strengthen communities, families, and individuals throughout our city. 

In this time of challenge and need, the services of the Volunteer Referral Center are more vital than ever. In a average year VRC makes 2,500 referrals to our 300 partner agencies. The VRC calculates the value of the volunteers we facilitate — based conservatively on 1,000 active volunteers at any given time, contributing an average of three hours per week of service, at the rate estimated by Independent Sector for 2020 at $33.17— to be valued at $5,174,520 per year.

The value of volunteer time directly related to VRC referrals over 32 years is conservatively estimated to be over $165 million.


The generosity of supporters strengthens the work of the VRC in powerful ways:

  • Facilitating New Yorkers’ need to give back to their communities by volunteering their time, talent, and dedication. By centralizing and connecting, VRC makes it easier and faster for nonprofits to find dedicated volunteers and to channel volunteer talent and enthusiasm to where it is most needed.
  • Advancing the essential work of New York City nonprofits. At a time of economic and cultural volatility, the city’s charitable organizations continue to work ceaselessly to carry out their missions—to combat homelessness, hunger, and disease; to help the elderly, the young, the poor, and the sick; and to address a host of human and societal needs. VRC offers a meaningful way to help over 300 organizations sustain and add or augment their services to those
    most vulnerable.